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There is just something different and refreshing about a hatchback model. Not only does it exude confidence and athleticism, but it is also extremely practical. Most hatchback models function as family vehicles. So, stowing sports gear and toting strollers has never been easier than it is with a door that raises toward the sky. Creating a large area for entry, Newark, DE parents do not have to worry about not having enough room. Likewise, West Chester, PA outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of room to take coolers and accessories along in the back of a hatchback model. Because they serving many purposes, used hatchbacks stay in style for years after their manufacture date.

Popular Used Hatchback Models

Unlike the used sedan and used SUV market, manufacturers specializing in hatchback models are not as easy to find. In fact, it takes a specific kind of automaker to nail the design elements that are essential in creating a functional and good-looking hatchback model. A few elite automakers have managed to design and market used hatchback models that have remained relevant over time as a feat that is not conquered by many. Leading the way is the modern and fuel-efficient Toyota Prius. Widely known for its hybrid tendencies, the Toyota Prius is a futuristic hatchback that puts a fun spin on this traditional configuration.

Coming up next, the Hyundai Veloster is a hatchback with a name that is just as charismatic as its look. A bold front grille and low body stance give the Veloster a sporty look on Philadelphia's streets. Another popular hatchback model includes the used Kia Soul. Square, squat, and sleek, the Kia Soul is known for its characteristic look and eccentric exterior design. While all these hatchback models have a similar configuration in common, this is the extent of their shared attributes.

Benefits of Hatchback Vehicles

It is not a coincidence that so many New Castle, DE buyers appreciate hatchback models for what they are. This type of vehicle boasts many attributes that other models simply cannot offer. Extra room is at the forefront of our minds when we think about why we love hatchbacks. As it opens upward, the rear door layout makes extra space for drivers and passengers to utilize within the cabin and trunk of hatchback models.

Another benefit of the hatchback is the ease with which you can load and unload the rear. Not having a strict perimeter, as you will see in the trunk of sedans, you can fit larger, more bulky items in the rear of hatchback models. Aside from their functionality, hatchback models just look more modern and put together than other vehicle types. They often feature different curvature and line structure that help them stand out from other vehicle models.

Types of Used Hatchback Models and Available Financing

Not all used hatchbacks meet the same criteria. In fact, there are vast differences between used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. While used models are typically older, pre-owned models are usually newer model years with fewer previous owners. Still, yet, certified pre-owned vehicles are those that have had previous owners but still meet a set of rigorous criteria required to maintain this distinguished title. As you can imagine, different types of financing are available for each segment of a used hatchback.

While certified pre-owned models may gain you access to better financing terms, Auto Team Delaware can still establish competitive rates for used and pre-owned hatchbacks, too. To see what we have to offer you, visit us in Wilmington, DE today or view our inventory online. We would love to help get you into a quality, used hatchback model. Shop our used car specials!