Delaware Cadillac Body Shop provides an unrivaled service experience.

About Delaware Cadillac Body Shop:

The FREE initial evaluation of your vehicle will be prepared using the latest in computer-assisted estimating systems. Then digital photographs accompany the estimate, all of which are transmitted electronically to your insurance company, eliminating delays in processing your claim. Estimates are merged into a sophisticated system that tracks every part of an increasingly complex process, alerting management to any potential problems from parts ordering, repair to final detail and delivery.

Very few of today's cars have traditional frames. They rely instead on a unitized frame and body systems with many seemingly minor parts involved in important safety features such as "crumple zones". Two machines costing in excess of $30,000.00 apiece help ensure no damage is overlooked. A sonar array positioned beneath the damaged vehicle feeds information to a computer that compares it with factory specifications, flagging any variations to ensure your car is put back the way it should be.

What to Expect:

We understand your vehicle and all of its technical systems. We know you want to feel as good about your vehicle today as you did the day you drove it off the lot. Our Certified Service technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to restore your vehicle just like new.   We service all makes and models.

Why Bring Your Vehicle To Us?


Today's cars are high tech machines, so fixing them properly after an accident requires high tech solutions. Our body & paint shop in Wilmington has made an enormous commitment to ensure our highly skilled ASE & i-car Certified associates have the tools they need to do the best job possible.


In addition to being a General Motors Certified & Trained Repair Facility, Delaware Cadillac Body Shop meets ALL Requirements as a Lexus Certified & Trained Repair Facility, as well as many other vehicle manufacturer requirements!

We are a Green Facility:

We use 100% Water-Borne Paint for all of our Refinishing Paints. We have eliminated the use of oil-based paints which is the same as more than 80% of all vehicle manufacturers! What's good for your vehicle is good for the environment.

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