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AutoTeam Delaware has teamed up with Kelley Blue Book to give you a free Trade-in Value Report on your vehicle.

Your Car Is Worth a Lot Right Now: Sell It or Trade It to Us

You may have heard the news: Because of the worldwide shortage of electronic chips used in new cars, there's a new car shortage. That means people are turning to used cars, and we need a lot more of them to satisfy the demand. That's why, now more than ever, we buy cars. You can sell your car to us for a great price or trade in your car and get an amazing trade-in value. Our team at AutoTeam Delaware is ready to give you a great offer as quickly as today. Then we can help you get the vehicle that fits you perfectly.

You Might Be Surprised How Easy It Is, and How Much Your Car Is Worth

The first step in selling your car is to find out what it's worth, and we make that easy with our "Value Your Trade" tool. Just fill out and submit the Kelley Blue Book "Value Your Trade" form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. If you like our estimated cash offer, bring your car to us for an in-person inspection and we'll finalize the price and the details with you.

Remember that, because of the chip shortage, new cars are in short supply and used cars are more valuable than ever. That's why we can give you such an incredible price right now for your car. We want to make exceptional offers for used cars from our neighbors in places like West Chester PA and Newark, NJ, so you can sell or trade in your car to us and drive away with something better from our pre-owned inventory

Selling or Trading Your Car to Us is a Lot Easier Than Selling It Yourself

Of course, you might be tempted to sell your car yourself because you hope to get a higher price. But based on our experience in the car business, we've seen many customers discover that it's far easier to sell or trade in your car to us at AutoTeam.

Otherwise, you have to take the time to thoroughly clean your car or take it to a detail shop wherever you live around a nearby community like Salem, NJ or Elkton, MD. There's also the time to make repairs that might keep your car from selling. That can mean one or more trips to your mechanic, and of course, it means even more time if you do the cleaning or repair work yourself. Then there's the expense of the mechanic and the detail shop.

Is It Really That Hard to Sell My Car?

Selling your vehicle means spending the time to do online advertising. You have to research current prices for cars like yours, and spend more time taking photos, writing an ad and posting it online. Sometimes people will contact you so you stay home waiting for them and they never show up. Leave the selling to us and get back to your real life.

How Trading in Your Car Works

When you trade in your car at AutoTeam, the value of your vehicle is subtracted from the price of the new vehicle you're buying from us. If you trade in your car with a loan, we take over the loan and pay it off. To trade in a car with a loan that's not paid off, bring the following items to our dealership:

- Loan information, including the payoff amount and account number
- Driver's license
- Vehicle registration
- Your vehicle keys and any remotes
- Proof of insurance
- A printout of the trade-in estimate you got from our website.