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Delaware Subaru
"Please Send me Surf Stickers"
1717 Pennsylvania Ave.
Wilmington, De 19806
(Groms, make sure you have your parents permission)

5. (The secret way) - Run into Ben and he will give you some stickers!



Have Ben Gravy deliver

Your New Subaru:

Buy your New or Pre-Owned Subaru at Delaware Subaru, and have it personally delivered to you by Pro Surfer Ben Gravy!

Help support Ben! Every car we sell to Ben's audience helps keep Ben in his Subaru!

If you opt for the "Ben Gravy Delivery" option, you can either schedule to meet Ben Gravy at the used car Delaware dealership, or have Ben personally drive your new car to you!*

  • Receive FREE Ben Gravy Gear, including a new Surfboard!
  • Get on the vlog, and be part of the Dream!

Contact us for pricing for this service. Personal delivery of vehicle by Ben Gravy to purchaser may not be available for all locations or times. Distance from the dealership and timing requested may not be compatible with Ben's availability. Mid-Atlantic and North East locations only at this time. Surfboard model availability may vary. Locations with opportunities to surf increase the consideration! Credit Application requred. Contact us for details.

Have Ben Gravy Deliver Your Vehicle


Delaware Subaru supports Ben Gravy's Surfing!

I've surfed my whole life, I grew up right near where Ben lives in New Jersey, and I love surfing.

Ben's authenticity and positivity are appealing to watch. In my opinion, Ben's filming and editing skills are where he is an absolute Pro. His "behind the scenes" access is entertaining, and Ben's accomplishment of surfing all 50 States, surfing Kelly's wave pool, and overall positivity are all commendable. It's exciting to see what novelty wave Ben will surf next!

Ben has people's attention, and if we can help Ben by giving him a New Subaru to drive, then we hope that you will also support Ben by shopping with us!

Ready to purchase a New or Pre-Owned vehicle?

Please simply fill out the "Inquiry Form" on this page or email us: (Serious inquiries only, please)

As Ben would say: For the Dream!

- Lee Asher, General Manager  

Check out the 2020 Subaru Outback Ben Gravy / Delaware Subaru edition:

Support Local Surfer Ben Gravy at Auto Team Delaware

Here at our Delaware used car dealership which provides those in Wilmington, Newark, New Castle, Dover and out to West Chester, PA a chance to find a quality Subaru and have it maintained to keep it on the road, we're always looking to help those from our community make a difference and get out there and live their dreams. That's what pro surfer Ben Gravy, who is from the area is doing. He has popular YouTube channels, and has surfed every state in the nation and we're proud to sponsor him and his continued journey and you can help!

You can get free Ben Gravy surf stickers when you do the following:

  1. Order genuine Subaru parts or accessories from our eCommerce site: where you can receive 10% off all genuine Subaru accessory orders, and we ship tax free to all 50 states. Make sure in the instructions to say "Please send me surf stickers."
  2. You can also bring your Subaru in for service and request your free stickers
  3. If you buy a Subaru from us, you can get these stickers too!
  4. You can also send a self-addressed envelope to: Delaware Subaru "Please Send Me Surf Stickers"1 717 Pennsylvania Avenue Wilmington, DE 19806
  5. Also, if you happen to run into Ben out around the area, you can ask him and he will give you stickers! That's our secret way of getting them and we're tipping you off!

Additionally, you can have a pro surfer deliver your new or used Subaru. You can opt to meet him at the dealership or have him personally drive the vehicle to you. All this goes a long way in helping support Ben's mission and with support from the community, we know not only will his stickers that you can get for free from us go a long way, but so too will Ben as he continues his pro surfing career and makes the entire area proud. We're happy to sponsor his journey and we hope you will be too! If you'd like to learn more, contact us here at our Delaware dealership and we can provide you with all the details!