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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for Sale in Wilmington, DE

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on gas every couple weeks? Then you're like many drives in Philadelphia and West Chester, PA. And just like them, you can decide to get your hands on an alternative way to drive. Our selection of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) is guaranteed to save you money in a variety of ways. We'll show you a couple of benefits that come with buying an EV or electric vehicle and let you check out the selection we have available at Auto Team Delaware.

Benefits of Buying an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Better Efficiency and Convenient Recharging

Fuel efficiency is invaluable. If you could cut your traveling expenses in half while commuting from Wilmington, DE, to Philadelphia, would you do it? You'd be hard-pressed to go against it. Even if you decide to purchase a fuel-efficient car for your daily driver and then bring the toys out on the weekend, it's a good move.

Hybrids combine gas and electric power to increase your traveling range. We have models in stock that climb to 51/46 MPG city/highway. And other electric vehicles that go as high as 123/102 MPG city/highway. When compared to the gas-powered models of today, even some of the most efficient brands can't produce gas-powered automobiles like that.

And with the increase of public charging ports, you can find the nearest one in Newark or West Chester, PA, with a quick search on your smartphone. And while most models are equipped with home charging equipment, you can upgrade to a Level 2 Charging station with professional installation. That will decrease your charging time and give you a full battery when it's time to start your morning commute.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With an EV, you will see reduced maintenance costs around the board. Say goodbye to periodic oil changes, spark plug replacement, engine coil replacement, tune-ups, and everything else associated with vehicle maintenance. Since EVs don't require oil changes or engine maintenance, you'll eliminate a good chunk of annual maintenance expenses.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles differ from their EV cousins in one thing: dual motors. But they're not entirely the same. Plug-in hybrid models use a larger car battery as the primary power source. When the battery dies, the gas engine takes over.

In a full hybrid, the battery is smaller and only provides power when driving at low speeds. So, it's optimal for city driving in New Castle or Wilmington, DE. Full hybrids also recharge their battery through a process known as regenerative braking. When you apply brake pressure in a full hybrid, that power helps reenergize your car's battery.

Since these models have dual motors, they typically produce a greater traveling distance than fully electric vehicles. If you want to check out the latest additions to our hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, you can browse our inventory online or stop by in person for a test drive.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles dwindle their power down to one motor. It adds more convenience by eliminating trips to the gas station and vehicle emissions and allowing a full recharge at home. It's a great choice for people who plan on doing most of their driving in the city or rarely travel long distances. You can check out our available EVs and eliminate your gas expenses starting today.

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Are you ready to cut your vehicle ownership expenses? There's a better way to drive right here at Auto Team Delaware. You can stop by and test drive any of our hybrid or EV models today. If you haven't experienced a better way to drive, now is the time.

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