Basic Steps That Make Flat Tire Maintenance Routines Easier

When a tire is flat, you can change it by following a few simple steps while using proper maintenance supplies. The most important supplies are included with a vehicle, so you won't have to make a large investment in order to tackle a basic tire maintenance job.

The main tools that you may need to buy are a flashlight and emergency warning devices. You won't need to purchase a spare tire, a lug wrench, or a jack because these items are usually included in the trunk.

Begin the maintenance process by driving the vehicle to a safe location. The terrain should be flat and stable as the jack might sink or tilt if it's placed on weak, uneven soil.

Before lifting the car or truck, ensure that the engine is off. Next, use the emergency brake to secure the automobile in place. While the vehicle is propped up, grab the lug wrench and loosen the nuts. Then, take the tire off the frame and replace it with the spare.

On many roads in Wilmington, there are obstacles that can dramatically damage a tire. If you want to stay safe, always seek professional automotive maintenance services after changing a tire. You can service your vehicle following a flat tire situation at Auto Team Delaware.

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