How to Keep Your Vehicle Sliding When It Starts Raining

Your vehicle can start sliding in a heavy downpour or when it first starts raining. Here is how to avoid this dangerous driving situation.

Turn off the cruise control in your vehicle as soon as you see it raining. The tires are going to speed up when hydroplaning because the car wants to keep at a set speed, and will cause the car to easily slide on the road surface.

In the event your car does begin to slide on the wet roads, it is very important you learn to avoid hitting those brakes. Braking will increase the sliding, so what you need to do here is simply turn your steering wheel to the direction the car is sliding to help reduce the slide and get back control of the vehicle.

Bring your vehicle in to our service center for servicing at Auto Team Delaware so we can keep eyes on the tire treads for any issues as well.

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