What It Takes to Certify a Used Car

Buying a good used car offers challenges for many people. No one relishes the process of going through lots and talking to a used car salesman. Some people prefer to buy cars through private deals. This involves contacting people in penny advertiser newspapers, contacting people on Craigslist, and contacting people found through local newspapers. Private car deals often involve travel to out of the way or dangerous places.

For a person who can afford the extra money, it pays to go to new car lots that sell used cars. Many reputable dealers often sell certified used cars. Who certifies these used cars? The person who goes over the used car to certify it is usually an ASE certified mechanic.

The ASE certified mechanic went through a special training program. This program ends with a final challenge of his skills and knowledge. Passing the test requires a high level of professionalism, service, and knowledge. This allows the mechanic to go over a vehicle to make sure it's roadworthy before the dealership puts it on the lot.

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